Bringing Business Solutions to Life (BA5323)

From core fundamentals and technical design to quality assurance and implementation, Bringing Business Solutions to Life helps Business Analysts master all the important processes they are likely to encounter when launching new systems. This two-day workshop begins by reviewing the Business Analyst’s role throughout the entire lifecycle of a project, and then fills in all the important details. Every key theme along the way is taught using an experiential approach, including how Business Analysts can participate more effectively in the implementation process; how they can ensure that project requirements have been implemented completely; and what tools and techniques are available in the later phases of a project that can help ensure more successful implementations.

Attend our Business Analysis courses at our training center in Belgrade, live online (virtual classroom) or on-site (private training).
Special pricing can be applied upon registration (multiple participants from your company, government sector, nonprofit organizations, etc.) – contact us to learn more.

Public class

Training duration: 
2 days / 14 hours

Private class

On-site / Online
Minimum no. of participants: 5
2 days / 14 hours
Price on request
Serbian or English
Training plan: 

Module 1: Introduction

  • The Scope of Implementation
  • The Scope of Business Analysis
  • The System Development Life Cycle and this Workshop

Module 2: The Fundamentals

  • Critical Success Factors
  • Managing Requirements Change
  • Requirements Validation
  • Traceability
  • Measuring Success
  • A way to measure success
  • Real World Application

Module 3: Technical Design

  • The Design Phase
  • Key Activities
  • Designing Usability into the Solution
  • Generating Technical Alternatives
  • Build or Buy
  • Schedule and Resource Considerations
  • Strategic Considerations
  • Evaluating Alternatives and Selecting the Solution
  • After the Decision
  • Technical Specification
  • Real World Application

Module 4: Testing

  • The Test Phase
  • Solution Validation
  • Key Activities
  • The Test Plan
  • The Test Case
  • From Use Cases to Test Cases
  • Types of Test
  • Real World Application

Module 5: Implementation

  • The Implementation Phase
  • Key Activities
  • Impact Analysis
  • Performing the Impact Analysis
  • Thinking about Change
  • Managing the Transition
  • Key Elements of the Plan
  • Implement the Solution
  • Assess Readiness to Accept the Solution
  • Go/ No Go Decision
  • Real World Application

Module 6: Follow Through

  • The Follow Through Phase
  • Key Activities
  • Project Closing
  • Post-Mortem – Lessons Learned
  • Perform Post Implementation Reviews
  • Monitor Solution Performance Against Targets
  • Support the Implementation
  • Enhancement Requests
  • Real World Application
  • 180 days access to the lab environment after class 

  • Course material accessible in electronic format

  • Certificate of attendance


Fast Start in Business Systems Analysis, Survival Skills for Analysts, Mastering the Requirements Process.

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