Oracle Database 12c: PL/SQL I – Introduction (DB6162)

This course introduces one to Oracle database programming using the PL/SQL programming language. One will learn the syntax, structure and features of the language. This course will also lay the foundation for the entire Sideris Oracle PL/SQL programming series, allowing one to progress from introductory topics to advanced application design and programming and finally onto writing complex high-performance applications. 

PL/SQL may be considered as one of the basic skill sets required for any Oracle professional, nearly as important as the SQL language itself.

Attend our Oracle courses at our training center in Belgrade, live online (virtual classroom) or on-site (private training).
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Public class

Training duration: 
3 days / 21 hours

Private class

On-site / Online
Minimum no. of participants: 3
3 days / 21 hours
Price on request
Serbian or English
Training plan: 

Module 1: Selection & Setup Of The Database Interface

  • Considering Available Tools 
  • Selecting The Appropriate Tool 
  • Oracle NET Database Connections 
  • Oracle PAAS Database Connections 
  • Setup SQL Developer 
  • Setup SQL*PLUS 
  • Setup JDeveloper

Module 2: About BIND & SUBSTITUTION Variables

  • Using SQL Developer 
  • Using SQL*PLUS

Module 3: Choosing A Database Programming Language

  • What Is Database Programming? 
  • PL/SQL Performance Advantages 
  • Integration With Other Languages

Module 4: PL/SQL Language Fundamentals

  • PL/SQL Program Structure 
  • Language Syntax Rules 
  • Embedding SQL 
  • Writing Readable Code
  • Generating Database Output
  • SQL*PLUS Input Of A Program Block

Module 5: DECLARE Section

  • About The DECLARE Section 
  • DECLARE Primitive Types 
  • Declaration Options 
  • Data Dictionary Integration
  • %TYPE 
  • Declare Simple User-Defined Types
  • TYPE ... TABLE 
  • TYPE ... RECORD 
  • Extended User-Defined Types

Module 6: BEGIN Section

  • About The BEGIN Section 
  • Manipulating Program Data 
  • Logic Control & Branching 
  • GOTO 
  • LOOP 
  • CASE

Module 7: Exception Section

  • About The EXCEPTION Section
  • Isolating The Specific EXCEPTION

Module 8: Beyond The Basics: Explicit Cursors

  • About Explicit Cursors 
  • Extended Cursor Techniques 
  • FOR UPDATE OF Clause 
  • Using FOR…LOOP Cursors

Module 9: Beyond The Basics: Nested Blocks

Module 10: Beyond The Basics: DECLARED Subprograms

  • Using DECLARED Subprograms 
  • DECLARED Procedure 
  • DECLARED Function
  • 180 days access to the lab environment after class
  • Access to the lab environment during the training
  • Course material accessible in electronic format
  • Certificate of attendance

Either of the Oracle Database 12c: SQL - Fundamentals (Levels I & II) or Oracle Database 12c: SQL Complete Library (Levels I, II & III) courses are recommended prerequisites for this training.

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