Frequently Asked Questions


  • Where is the Eccentrix located?

    Our office space is located in a premium business location, in the heart of business New Belgrade, at 9d Milutina Milankovića Street (office building GTC 41, entrance C, 5th floor).

  • How are classrooms designed for follow training physically?

    Classrooms are modernly equipped, lit and fully adapted for training. Classroom computers provide you with all the tools for quick access to course material. Wi-Fi connection is provided, as well as a TV monitor for presentation and material for writing notes.

  • Is it necessary to bring a computer for training?

    It is not obligatory, because every attend is provided with a computer in the classroom. However, you can bring it for your own needs, for notes or for communication.

  • What is the Eccentrix Virtual Classroom?

    The virtual classroom is an innovative and very popular delivery method for our trainings, directly via the Internet, in real time. You can follow the trainings live from any location, at the same pace and equally interactively as if you were physically in a classroom. For more details, see the Delivery Methods page.


  • What is the minimum number of attendees for the course?

    The minimum number is from three to five attendees.

  • What is needed to follow the training online?

    You need a computer with steadily Internet connection, and all training materials (literature, practical exercises) will be available.

  • You have applied for the training, when can you expect more detailed information and an offer?

    From the moment when you fill out the application, you will receive a confirmation to your e-mail address, within 24 hours. Also, within the same period, we will send to you an offer (in Serbian or English) with detailed information about the training: place, date, time, method of delivery, price.


  • What is the difference between public and private training?

    Public training can be attended by attendants from different companies, usually with a planned or already guaranteed start date of the training.

    Private trainings are organized only for participants from one company. It is essential that you have a sufficient number of participants to attend the chosen training, and we will provide you with a guaranteed start date after the agreement.

  • What does mean the tentative date?

    The tentative date is a date that has not yet been confirmed, and for which there is interest. It refers to public trainings, and you can also recognize it by symbol simbol_za_planirani_datum.

  • The course you are interested in is often postponed, is that common?

    Depending on the training and interests, it is possible to postpone the tentative course date. Until the date becomes guaranteed, training can be postponed, after which postponement is not possible. You can also turn the training into a private one or register more participants so that we can offer you a guaranteed start date of the training faster. After booking your place, the training period can be postponed for a maximum of 6 months.

  • What is a guaranteed date?

    The guaranteed date means that enough participants have registered for the course and it will not be postponed or canceled due to lack of applications. Find a symbol potvrdjeni_kurs_datum_simbol to make sure the start of the course is guaranteed.

  • The public training you are interested in does not have a date on the site, what does that mean?

    This means that there were no requests for this course in the near future. It is possible to set a date and try to form a group in the near future. With a sufficient number of participants from your company, we can set a start date for the training (private training).

  • Can private training be postponed?

    Yes, in accordance with our business policy in specific situations it is possible to postpone private training. You can find more here.


  • At what time is the training realized?

    The course is held from 9 am to 5 pm on working days in a continuity, and the number of days depends on the duration of the course you have chosen. In the case of private training, it is possible to change the start and end times of the training.

  • When can you expect a training invitation?

    No later than five days before the start of the training, all participants will receive an invitation to the course, as a type of reminder with more information about organization of training.

  • Is there a lunch break and how are the other breaks planed?

    Yes, there are a total of three breaks. Lunch break, for 60 minutes, with a start about 12 noon. Also, you have two short breaks before and in the afternoon, which you can use for refreshments. Break times may variety if the training is private.


  • Is VAT included in the price on the web site and what is the currency?

    Prices on the web site are expressed in EUR, without VAT, and the total amount will be shown to you after filling out the application form.

  • When was the pro-forma invoice received and what is the deadline for paying it?

    Within two days after you accept the offer, we will deliver the contract (in Serbian or English) and the proforma invoice, which you are obliged to settle within three days from the day of receiving it. Make the payment according to the instructions contained in the proforma invoice.

  • Is the payment made in EUR?

    Payment can be made in the appropriate RSD equivalent, according to the middle exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia on the day the proforma invoice is issued. It is also possible to make a payment in EUR.

  • When is the invoice delivered?

    On the last day of the training, we will send to you invoice.

  • Can Microsoft vouchers be used to pay for training?

    Yes, it is possible to pay with Microsoft vouchers. All you have to do is provide us with the code and email address during registration. See our page Software Assurance for more information.


  • Is literature included in the price of the course?

    Yes, literature in electronic form is always included except in the case of custom training or for short courses (for example half a day).

  • Will you receive a certificate of attendance after completing training?

    Yes, after each completed training you will receive a certificate of attendance. It will sent to you electronically, day after completion of the training.

  • Is there a catering service?

    With us you have the benefit of a welcome breakfast (breakfast with pastries), also throughout the day you are provided with water, coffee, tea and juices. Catering service is not included. There are several restaurants nearby where you can dine, and the nearest is Take Square.

  • Is there parking nearby of the Eccentrix office space?

    Yes, there is a parking space nearby our office building. There is a parking within block 41, also.