Leading team

We work in a company of energetic professionals who are ready to take on new challenges. An experienced and qualified team is on disposal for an assured success of your corporate training needs. Our team is our the greatest value.

Irena Gigović

General director

Irena is involved in strategic decisions aiming at the growth of Eccentrix. She’s concerned with our customers’ satisfaction and believes that success comes through a pleasant work atmosphere in which our employees are valued.


Boris Gigović

Executive Director

Boris is our technical expert responsible for valuable organizational and technical support. He aims that Eccentrix is recognized for the reliability and quality of its services. He has more than 30 certifications and more than 15 years of experience in IT.


Nenad Novković

Technical Lead

Nenad is our senior system administrator and instructor in charge of delivering Microsoft client/server, Office 365 and Azure trainings. He is extremely motivated and dedicated to his work, responsible and able to handle multiple challenges simultanously. Member and coordinator of Mensa Serbia.


Jelena Mijanović

Marketing & Sales coordinator

Jelena is focused on action and opportunities. Her energetic and communicative attitude with associates is recognized and is the basis for building strong long-term relationships with clients. She is involved in making key decisions when it comes to long-term marketing and business strategies.


Ivana Milošević

Training Centre Coordinator

Ivana is in charge of the overall logistics, operational planning and administration of our training center. She is an Excel and accounting lover, she sees the world through numbers and spreadsheets and enjoys making reports in business. She is able to notice every detail, and accuracy and precision are strong skills she posesses.