Questions and answers

  • General questions

  • What is Eccentrix Virtual Classroom?

    The virtual classroom is an innovative and very popular delivery method for our trainings, directly via the Internet, in real time. In this method, with an internet connection, you can follow the trainings live from any city or country, at the same pace and equally interactively as if you were physically in a classroom. For more details, see the Delivery Methods page.

  • What is Adobe Connect?

    It is the platform used to deliver all our trainings. It allows us to record all delivered courses (for your viewing later), share content and broadcast over the Internet for remote participants.

  • Can I choose the date of a training?

    If a public classroom training does not have a date, it is possible to define one that is in line with your availability. This date would be a first attempt to run the course (tentative), unless a sufficient number of registrations of your company is made to make it guaranteed to run right away.

  • What is the minimum number of participants to register to make the date guaranteed, in public or private session?

    It depends on several factors, but it is three to five participants to ensure the course will run at the specified date (guaranteed to run).

  • Can we really learn all the material in a generally short time, compared to other places that offer continued education?

    Eccentrix is ​​a training center offering business skills development services. The duration of our training is therefore in line with the needs of companies.

  • What is a guaranteed date?

    A guaranteed date means a course has reached a sufficient number of participants to be able to take place, that is that your training will not be rescheduled or canceled due to a lack of registrations. Factors over which Eccentrix does not have control present an exception, however these are rare situations. Locate the symbol  to ensure that your course is guaranteeed to run. All other dates that do not have this symbol are tentatives and usually become guranteed to run as well over time.

  • What are the technical prerequisites for training at your premises?

    A projector (recommended) with the necessary plugs, a computer per participant, a stable and preferably wired Internet connection, adequate cabling and authorized access to certain links on the Internet. No major software installation is required. Once a class is confirmed to be delivered at your premises, an email containing the details of all the prerequisites will be sent to ensure the configuration is on time.

  • My class is often postponed, is this normal?

    Yes, depending on the training and interest in the market, it is possible that a course is postponed/rescheduled. This is a normal factor in our industry. It is possible to convert the course into a private session or register multiple participants in order to be able to offer you a guaranteed date more quickly.

  • The training for which I am interested does not display a date in public session, what does it mean?

    This means that there has been no recent request for this course. However, it is possible to open a date and attempt to make a public group departure for your course (tentative date).

  • The logistics of your training

  • Should I receive a confirmation of the enrollment to the course?

    Yes, two confirmations will be sent. The first is the confirmation that your payment is well received. The second is a formal invitation that is sent the week before your class. Depending on whether your enrollment is for the virtual or physical modality, you will be informed of a presence invitation with important information for your arrival or to connect online. For private lessons, your representative will contact you to plan the prerequisites and the arrival of the instructor.

  • Is there parking nearby the training center?

    Yes, parking space is in around our bussines building, near is parking space also (41 block).

  • What is the lunch schedule and is there a break?

    A 60-minute lunch break is planned between 12h and 13h. There are several locations nearby where you can dine, and the closest is Take Square. The 15-minute break is around 10:20h and the second at 14:30h. The timing may be different if the training is private.

  • What is the policy of canceling equipment rental on your premises?

    The lease can be canceled no later than 5 working days before the agreed date. For non-compliance with the deadline, you will be required to reimburse 30% of the total cost related to logistics, planning and organization costs.

  • Is there a catering service?

    With us you have the benefit - welcome breakfast (breakfast with pastries), for lunch the catering service is not included.

  • What are the prerequisites to be able to follow online training?

    The online training is a direct broadcast of the course via the Internet. This course is therefore in real time. It is imperative to consider that you must be there as if you were in a physical classroom. All you need is a computer with a stable and preferably wired internet connection. All materials, such as literature and laboratories (if applicable) will be available online. There is therefore no major software installation to perform on your computer.

  • Do I have to bring a computer to take the training?

    It is not mandatory because each participant has a seat that includes access to a computer provided in the classroom. However, you can bring it to take notes or to connect to your company’s corporate network. Wireless access is available.

  • Can you recommend a hotel near your training center?

    We can recommend the Passport Hotel located at 153 / a Yuri Gagarin, a 10-minute drive from the training center.

  • What is the class schedule?

    A training runs from 9h to 17h. In private session, it is possible to adjust this schedule, if necessary.