Virtual classroom

The virtual classroom is an innovative model for conducting online trainings, from practically any location with an Internet connection. The course is delivered in real time.

This modality reduces the need to travel to attend a class, while effective presentation tools make the training experience the same as in-class. Significant savings in time and money can now be achieved, knowing that this is delivery model is proven and has been proven successful for many years.

Each participant gets a Web link to join a conference held by one of our instructors online. It is possible to join an interface through which a live communication is established with the trainer and other participants. Communication tools such as slide presentations, interactive boards and screen presentations allow participants to easily follow a presentation in this way. The audio-visual communication and these interactions make it all suitable for conducting courses via the Internet.

Each virtual session is recorded - a video of your entire course is offered in addition to access up to one year after the end of your training.

We offer you the opportunity to attend one of our online courses to explore this modality.