Business Analysis Overview (BA5322)

This one-day workshop aims to provide a realistic and interactive overview of what business analysis is, and what a business analyst does in the framework of defining system solutions. This workshop will use a case study approach to allow participants to perform a current state analysis to identify the “as is” situation, interview users to elicit requirements about the “future state”, and write requirements for the solution. In order to perform these exercises, the workshop will cover such topics as procedure analysis and activity (swim lane) diagrams, interviewing techniques, and the attributes of quality requirements. Participants will work in teams to complete the exercises and receive peer review of their work.


1 dan / 7 sati



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Plan obuke: 

Module 1: Introduction

  • The Scope of Business Analysis
  • What is a Business Analyst?
  • The System Development Life Cycle
  • Today’s Approach
  • What is Project Success?
  • Critical Success Factors

Module 2: Initiation Phase Activities

  • Case Study Scope
  • Project Context
  • The Context Diagram
  • Verification Through Traceability
  • View of Traceability
  • The Traceability Matrix

Module 3: Analysis Phase

  • Requirements Elicitation
  • Analysis Identifies the details of the scope
  • Requirements Activities
  • Defining the problem – Current State Analysis
  • Current State – Future State
  • Root Causes Analysis – Process Analysis
  • High Level Swim Lane Diagram
  • Elicitation Techniques
  • Interview Structure
  • Questioning Techniques
  • Listening Techniques
  • Definition of a Requirement
  • Types of Requirements
  • S-M-A-R-T Requirements
  • Requirements do’s and don’ts (1)
  • Requirements do’s and don’ts (2)
  • Purpose of Requirements Communication
  • Levels of Communication

Module 4: Solution Design and Implementation

  • A BA is Invaluable
  • Design and Testing Phase Activities
  • Designing the User Interface
  • Creating a Storyboard
  • Key Design Phase Decisions
  • What is Quality Assurance
  • The Test plan
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Impact Analysis
  • Implementation Activities
  • Managing the Transition
  • Video snimak predavanja u periodu od 365 dana posle kraja Vaše obuke

  • Materijal u elektronskom obliku

  • Sertifikat o pohađanju kursa

  • Besplatno pohađanje iste obuke na potvrđenim terminima u sledećih 365 dana

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