Cybersecurity For End-users (CS8525)

This introductory cybersecurity course is intended for all personnel working and handling information in the company. This is a course that aims to raise awareness of types of user-level information security threats.

Pohađajte naše hacking/cyber defense obuke u Beogradu, putem virtuelne učionice (online, uživo) ili u vašim prostorijama (on-site).

Specijalni popusti se odobravaju prilikom prijave više učesnika koji istovremeno pohađaju obuku iz vaše kompanije, državni i neprofitni sektor, itd. Kontaktirajte nas da biste saznali više.

Termini obuke

Trajanje obuke: 
2 sata

Privatni trening

On-site / Online
Minimalan broj polaznika: 10
2 sata
Cena na zahtev
srpski ili engleski
Plan obuke: 

Lesson 1: What is computer security?

  • The need to secure data
  • The threats
  • Vulnerabilities
  • The attacks
  • Exploits
  • Countermeasures

Lesson 2: Password Security

  • Password policies in corporate environments
  • Password too weak
  • Password too strong
  • Using one password to access multiple separate services
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Examples of complex passwords

Lesson 3: Email Security

  • Access to your mailbox
  • E-mail transmission in clear text
  • Eavesdropping/network interception
  • Secure tunnels

Lesson 4: Malicious software

  • The vulnerabilities to computer system failures
  • User behavior
  • Types of malicious software

Lesson 5: The security of your operating system

  • Anti-virus security
  • Software updates
  • Good practices

Lesson 6: Social Engineering

  • Social engineering techniques
  • Phishing
  • By call, by text message, by physical presence
  • Detection tools
  • Example of a phishing website
  • Example of a phishing email

Lesson 7: Identity Theft

  • Your information is everywhere
  • Where is it stored?
  • How is it secure?
  • Can your information be stolen?

Lesson 8: Mobile and wireless network security

  • Mobility is everywhere
  • The growing popularity of mobile devices
  • Mobile device security issues
  • Wireless network security
  • Home, work and public networks
  • VPNs for Secure Remote Access

Lesson 9: Web browsing safety

  • Difficulty erasing your data on the web
  • Targeted browsing advertisements
  • The security of cookies
  • Inappropriate content filtering
  • Data disclosure on social networks
  • Using Private Browsing
  • Best practices and user behavior
  • Application of company policies
  • Materijal u elektronskom obliku

  • Sertifikat o pohađanju kursa (na zahtev)

Poželjno predznanje: 

Basic knowledge of computer use and internet browsing

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