Mastering Android Studio 3 (MD4898)

Android Studio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) designed for developing Android apps. As with most development processes, Android keeps resources and logic nicely separated, and so this course covers the management of imagery and other resources, and the development and testing tools provided by the IDE.

After introducing the software, the course moves straight into UI development using the sophisticated, WYSIWYG layout editor and XML code to design and test complex interfaces for a wide variety of screen configurations.

With activity design covered, the course continues to guide the reader through application logic development, exploring the latest APIs provided by the SDK. Each topic will be demonstrated by working code samples that can be run on a device or emulator.

One of Android Studio's greatest features is the large number of third-party plugins available for it, and throughout the course we will be exploring the most useful of these, along with samples and libraries that can be found on GitHub.

The final module of the course deals with the final stages of development: building and distribution. The course concludes by taking a trainee through the registration and publication processes required by Google. By the time you have finished the course, you will be able to build faster, smoother, and error-free Android applications, in less time and with fewer complications than you ever thought possible.

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Termini obuke

Trajanje obuke: 
3 dana / 21 sat

Privatni trening

On-site / Online
Minimalan broj polaznika: 3
3 dana / 21 sat
Cena na zahtev
srpski ili engleski
Plan obuke: 

Module 1: Workspace structure

  • How Android Studio differs
  • Workspace structure
  • The Android SDK
  • Importing projects into Android Studio

Module 2: UI design

  • The Layout Editor
  • The constraint layout
  • Multiple screen previewing

Module 3: UI development

  • Material design
  • The design library
  • Collapsing app bars

Module 4: Device development

  • Screen orientation
  • Virtual devices
  • Android Wear
  • Accessing sensors
  • Device monitoring

Module 5: Assets and resources

  • Asset Studio
  • Animated icons
  • General drawables

Module 6: Templates and plugins

  • Project templates
  • Custom templates
  • Project samples
  • Third-party plugins

Module 7: Language support

  • Kotlin support
  • C/C++ support
  • Android Things

Module 8: Testing and profiling

  • Logcat filters
  • JUnit testing
  • Testing a UI
  • Performance monitoring

Module 9: Packaging and distribution

  • Gradle build configurations
  • An APK analysis
  • Publishing applications
  • Video snimak predavanja u periodu od 365 dana posle kraja obuke

  • Pristup laboratorijama u toku trajanja kursa
  • Materijal u elektronskom obliku

  • Sertifikat o pohađanju kursa