ASP.NET Core 5 for Beginners (DV4535)

ASP.NET Core 5 for Beginners is a comprehensive introduction for those who are new to the framework. This course takes a practical and engaging approach to cover everything that you need to know to start using ASP.NET Core for building cloud-ready, modern web applications. The training starts with a brief introduction to the ASP.NET Core framework and highlights the new features in its latest release, ASP.NET Core 5. It then covers the improvements in cross-platform support, the view engines that will help you to understand web development, and the new frontend technologies available with Blazor for building interactive web UIs. As you advance, you’ll learn the fundamentals of the different frameworks and capabilities that ship with ASP.NET Core. You'll also get to grips with securing web apps with identity implementation, unit testing, and the latest in containers and cloud-native to deploy them to AWS and Microsoft Azure. Throughout the training, you’ll find clear and concise code samples that illustrate each concept along with the strategies and techniques that will help to develop scalable and robust web apps. By the end of this training, you’ll have learned how to leverage ASP.NET Core 5 to build and deploy dynamic websites and services in a variety of real-world scenarios.

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Termini obuke

Trajanje obuke: 
5 dana / 35 sati

Privatni trening

On-site / Online
Minimalan broj polaznika: 3
5 dana / 35 sati
Cena na zahtev
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Plan obuke: 

Module 1: Introduction to ASP.NET Core 5

  • Explaining ASP.NET Core
  • Refreshing your C# knowledge
  • Understanding websites and web servers
  • Exploring Visual Studio Code
  • Leveraging Windows Terminal

Module 2: Cross-Platform Setup

  • Leveraging the .NET framework
  • Getting started on Windows, Linux, and macOS
  • Debugging Linux on Windows with Visual Studio 2019

Module 3: Dependency Injection

  • Learning dependency injection in ASP.NET Core
  • Reviewing types of dependency injection
  • Understanding dependency injection containers
  • Understanding dependency lifetimes
  • Handling complex scenarios

Module 4: Razor View Engine

  • Understanding the Razor view engine
  • Learning the basics of Razor syntax
  • Building a to-do application with MVC
  • Building a to-do app with Razor Pages
  • Differences between MVC and Razor Pages

Module 5: Getting Started with Blazor

  • Understanding the Blazor web framework
  • Understanding the goal of what we are going to build using various technologies
  • Building a tourist spot application
  • Creating the backend application

Module 6: Exploring the Blazor Web Framework

  • Creating the Blazor Server project
  • Creating the Blazor Web Assembly project

Module 7: APIs and Data Access

  • Understanding ORM and Entity Framework Core
  • Learning database-first development
  • Learning code-first development and migrations

Module 8: Working with Identity in ASP.NET

  • Understanding authentication concepts
  • Understanding authorization concepts
  • The role of middleware in ASP.NET and identity
  • OAuth and OpenID Connect basics
  • Integrating with Azure Active Directory
  • Working with federated identity

Module 9: Getting Started with Containers

  • Overview of containerization
  • Getting started with Docker
  • Running Redis on Docker
  • Running ASP.NET Core in a container

Module 10: Deploying to AWS and Azure

  • Overview of cloud computing
  • Creating a sample ASP.NET Core web application
  • Publishing to AWS
  • Publishing to Azure

Module 11: Browser and Visual Studio Debugging

  • Setting up the sample application
  • Using debugging tools in the browser
  • Debugging in Visual Studio

Module 12: Integrating with CI/CD

  • An overview of CI/CD
  • Introducing GitHub
  • Building CI/CD using GitHub Actions

Module 13: Developing Cloud-Native Apps

  • What makes an application cloud-native?
  • Understanding the role of DevOps
  • Understanding cost in the cloud
  • Cloud storage versus local disk
  • Introducing Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  • Learning about monitoring and health
  • Video snimak predavanja u periodu od 180 dana posle kraja obuke

  • Pristup laboratorijama u toku trajanja kursa
  • Materijal u elektronskom obliku

  • Sertifikat o pohađanju kursa

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