Sales Cloud Administration Essentials (PM5995)

Whether you are a new Salesforce® system administrator or have been managing Salesforce for some time, you probably know that a big part of the job is receiving and acting on requests from management or other Salesforce users to modify the system to meet the needs of the users and the company. The nature of Salesforce is such that there are almost always several ways to accomplish these types of modifications, so how will you know that you're taking the right approach and really providing the support that is needed?

By completing this course, you will identify information about the five native business processes every company can manage using Salesforce, regardless of the License Edition. You will also gain insight into each of the functional groups of users (Inside Sales, Outside Sales, Marketing, Customer Support, and Management), and you will establish patterns of critical thinking that can help you to ensure that you are indeed taking the right approach and providing the necessary support for each request you receive. Ultimately, completing this course enables you to be a vital resource for knowing how to configure the system in a manner that also allows the extraction of intelligence needed to measure and improve the company's key performance indicators.

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3 dana / 21 sat

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On-site / Online
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3 dana / 21 sat
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Plan obuke: 

Lesson 1: Introduction to Salesforce Administration

  • Topic A: The Salesforce Data Model
  • Topic B: SMART Administration Principles

Lesson 2: Setting Up an Organization

  • Topic A: Manage the Company Profile
  • Topic B: Configure Organizational Settings

Lesson 3: Managing User Accounts  

  • Topic A: Create User Accounts
  •  Topic B: Manage Users

Lesson 4: Implementing Security Controls  

  • Topic A: Salesforce Security Essentials
  •  Topic B: Configure Profiles
  •  Topic C: Establish Organization-Wide Sharing Defaults
  •  Topic D: Configure Roles
  •  Topic E: Create Sharing Rules
  •  Topic F: Perform a Health Check

Lesson 5: Configuring the Salesforce Classic User Interface

  • Topic A: Configure User Interface Settings
  •  Topic B: Customize the Home Page in Salesforce Classic
  •  Topic C: Configure Search in Salesforce Classic

Lesson 6: Supporting the Lightning Experience User Interface  

  • Topic A: Implement Lightning Experience
  •  Topic B: Customize Lightning Experience Home Pages

Lesson 7: Customizing Pages  

  • Topic A: Create Page Layouts in Salesforce Classic
  •  Topic B: Customize Record Pages in Lightning Experience

Lesson 8: Introduction to Opportunity Management  

  • Topic A: Opportunity Management Essentials
  •  Topic B: Design and Implement Opportunity Fields
  •  Topic C: Design and Implement Opportunity Stages
  •  Topic D: Design and Implement Opportunity Contact Roles
  •  Topic E: Design and Create Opportunity Record Types

Lesson 9: Implementing Additional Opportunity Features  

  • Topic A: Implement and Maintain Opportunity Products and Price Books
  •  Topic B: Implement the Similar Opportunities Function
  •  Topic C: Implement Opportunity Teams
  •  Topic D: Create a Big Deal Alert

Lesson 10: Implementing Data Validation and Workflows  

  • Topic A: Create and Test Validation Rules
  • Topic B: Create and Test Workflows

Lesson 11: Managing Leads  

  • Topic A: Lead Management Essentials
  •  Topic B: Design and Implement Lead Fields
  •  Topic C: Design and Implement Custom Lead Sources
  •  Topic D: Design and Implement Web-to-Lead Forms
  •  Topic E: Design and Implement Lead Assignment Rules

Lesson 12: Managing Accounts  

  • Topic A: Design an Account Management Model
  • Topic B: Implement an Account Management Model

Lesson 13: Managing Contacts  

  • Topic A: Design a Contact Management Strategy
  • Topic B: Implement a Contact Management Strategy

Lesson 14: Managing Campaigns  

  • Topic A: Prepare for Campaign Management
  • Topic B: Administer a Campaign Management Strategy

Lesson 15: Managing Cases  

  • Topic A: Case Management Essentials
  • Topic B: Design and Implement Case Fields
  • Topic C: Design and Implement Case Origins
  • Topic D: Automate Case Management

Lesson 16: Providing Apps and Custom Objects  

  • Topic A: Supply Apps in Salesforce Classic
  • Topic B: Supply Apps in Lightning Experience

Lesson 17: Managing Data  

  • Topic A: Data Management Essentials
  • Topic B: Import and Update Data
  • Topic C: Back Up and Restore Data

Lesson 18: Configuring Views, Reports, and Dashboards  

  • Topic A: Create Views
  • Topic B: Create and Manage Reports
  • Topic C: Create and Manage Dashboards

Lesson 19: Integrating and Extending Salesforce  

  • Topic A: Integrate Salesforce and Outlook
  • Topic B: Implement Salesforce1
  • Topic C: Implement SalesforceA
  • Video snimak predavanja u periodu od 365 dana posle kraja obuke

  • Materijal u elektronskom obliku

  • Sertifikat o pohađanju kursa

Poželjno predznanje: 

To ensure your success, you will need experience in using Salesforce Sales Cloud, including the use of the Lightning Experience user interface. To meet this prerequisite, you can take the following course:

  •®: Sales Cloud® for Sales Representatives  

Experience with using the Salesforce1 mobile app on iOS® or Android™ devices will be helpful but is not required.